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What we do - Coaching



       Business Coaches at L. C. Mediations specialize in goal setting, determining strengths and weaknesses, developing a strategic plan of action, conflict management, mediation and resolutions.  Whether you need long-term coaching to keep you accountable with many long term goals and tweaking your action plan, or if you just need a few sessions to identify a few short term goals,

L. C.  Mediations can and will help.

       Our Business Coaches will help you discover your “customized pathway” to successfully completing your long term business goals by keeping you accountable and motivated along the way.   L. C. Mediations will be your advocate, mediator facilitator and source of support to assist you as you realize your business' vision, value and mission.

LIFE Coaching

       In Life Coaching, you work with your coach to help discover your dreams and identify the challenges that might slow your progress in reaching your goals. Your coach supports you in moving forward in achieving your objectives. These aspirations can include personal improvement goals, business objectives, and improving your role in personal relationships.  Simply put, coaching helps you achieve accountability in reaching your personal vision of your best life.

       Coaches won’t dig into your past to figure out the root of your problems and they do not tell you what they think you should accomplish. After all, your dreams belong to you! Instead, L. C. Mediations assists you in identifying your goals and supports you while you achieve them. You will be expected to work hard, but the results will be worth the effort. Your coach will continue to keep you accountable and be a supportive resource along the way.

       The goals you will work on with your coach are viewed from an individual perspective and are specifically customized to meet individual needs. You might want to improve the communication in your marriage, you might want to conquer your fear of having to make small talk, maybe you are in the midst of a disagreement in the workplace and you cannot seem to communicate your intentions in a non-confrontational manner or maybe your last performance review made you realize you “need improvement” in working on team projects…the possibilities are endless. Whatever your desires are, L. C. Mediations will help you unlock your true potential so you can achieve your goals.



       Each session can be purchased individually.  If more sessions are needed, we have packages available.  We also offer email consults.  Please choose what works best for you and we will start from there. Each regular session is 60 minutes in length. Payment must be received prior to each session. Once payment is received, we will send an email or call, so we can begin our work together.


Individual Coaching Sessions by Phone: 
The cost for each session is $75.00

 Individual Coaching Packages: 
 Purchase 4 sessions - $375.00

 Individual Coaching Packages:
 Purchase 8 sessions - $675.00.  

Individual Email Coaching Sessions:  

10 Day period - Cost:  $385.00


Business Coaching Packages:  

         Corporate: 1 Session - $400.00

         Corporate:  4 Sessions - $1200.00

         Small Business:  1 Session - $200.00

         Small Businesses:  4 Sessions - $600.00


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