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An Alternative Dispute Resolution Company

       Hello, my name is Doris McDonald and I am the lead mediator and facilitator of L. C. Mediations, ADR  (LCM).  I am so excited to support you on this incredible journey.  We get one life, so let's live our best life to the fullest.  Many of us tend to "put off" living our dreams and following our passions.  This procrastination may be due to time management constraints, fears, anxieties, lack of support and lack of knowledge.  All of these feelings are valid, but should not be the reasons you fail to reach your goals.

       I have over 10 years of experience in individual, youth, marriage and family counseling and over 8 years of experience in mediation (alternative dispute resolution).  I also have a master's level certification as a paralegal.  All of our Lead Mediators have Master's Degrees in Law and Mediation,  Alternative Dispute Resolution and Social Work. 

        I also have over 10 years of experience in facilitating and planning retreats (companies, corporations, non-profit organizations, etc.) and extensive experience in business coaching.  Life Coach Mediations offers a wide range of experiences to assist you as you determine and pursue your goals.



        L. C. Mediation, ADR specializes in mediation and problem resolution, goal setting and developing  workable action plans, relationship coaching and business coaching. 

L. C. Mediations will be your advocate, mediator, teacher, facilitator and source of support to assist you as you develop your best self.